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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Great movie. Go see it. Now.

Action packed, funny and - at times - heart stopping. I was very impressed with it, and at times I wanted to squeal like a little girl while jumping up and down. The fighting between Optimus Prime and the decepticons made me so happy - helped me remember why Optimus is so freakin' badass. The appearance of Jetfire was entertaining, and his insight helps the viewer better understand the war that is ongoing between our beloved robots.

Also, might I mention that the constructicons made me want to pee my pants? As soon as I saw those construction vehicles I knew what was about to happen. OH GOD, and it was beautiful.

I was happy to see - if only breifly - Arcee and Chromia. I'd love it if they made another movie and showed the relationship between Ironhide and Chromia. I think the fangirl in me would squeal and then die.

Nothing honestly irritated me. I'd have to watch it again and put aside my fangirl behavior to point out any flaws. The movie sucked me in, and it didn't even seem like two hours and thirty minutes had passed. I was sad when the movie ended. ; o ;

I have read some pretty bad reviews for the movie, of course. People liked the robots, but didn't like everything else. One critic called Sam and Mikaela's relationship tacky, and had to complain about robots with effeminate voices. Well, I'll be damned. Female robots with female voices? That doesn't sound right at all! Two young adults who love each other and have experienced some pretty wicked action in their lives can't possibly - you know - have typical relationship problems (like, who will say I love you first) isn't anything but tacky.

BTW, don't tell me that the Transformer audience mostly consists of pre-teens and teens. >=C 

A rock, or a gem?

Often times, it takes someone dying for me to think deeply about my own emotions.

I don't like to deal with my feelings. Usually, I am a very happy person, but that doesn't mean I don't have the same fears and frustrations as everyone else in life. Really, I don't want them - and if anything I'll continue to ignore them. In a way, they are the crack in my surface. They're what weakens me - the foundation - when I'm needed the most. What happens when the foundation cracks under pressure? It breaks. What happens when it breaks? Everything falls apart. That's not a possible option for me.

I'm way better at dealing with the emotions others and their travesties. I'm a rock, and I'm happy with that. Yet, sometimes it's harder for people to understand that about me.

Am I a slab of an unemotional rock, or am I an empathetic gem that ignores their feelings to help others? Is it wrong of me to choose either for myself? I guess, it's not my place nor my right to decide which of the two best suits me.


Funerals & Disney

My great grandmother's funeral was held yesterday, and I was not able to attend. Being over 600 miles away, it's hard to make it there on such short notice with the current gas prices being what they are. I'm still very sad, of course...but it's my father who is most likely the saddest. He really loved his Granny Maggie. I cried once, I don't know when I will again. I feel like I shouldn't - not when my dad can see. He's always been the strongest of us, isn't it time that someone is strong for him? 

On a lighter note, I'm going to Florida tomorrow morning to see my friend suicidesinrehab and I'll be riding back home with her. It's a - what - fourteen hour drive? >w< Well, it'll give us plenty of time to catch up - not like we haven't been keeping in touch, though. I think I need a bit of cheering up after the week I've had, and I'm sure suicidesinrehab needs a lot of cheer, too.

Life in a nut shell: it sucks hard, but has its moments.

Be happy guys.
My great grandmother passed away today.

She was eighty-two-years-old, and left a long and beautiful legacy.

I hope to be as strong as her.


Well, fuck.

My great grandmother is very ill.

She's stopped eating.

I don't know how long she'll last.